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Sliding-Door Pegboard Cabinet
sliding-door pegboard cabinet woodworking planThe problem with pegboard is that it doesn’t hold very many tools for the amount of wall space it takes up. But this pegboard storage plan is different.
closer look photo
We doubled the storage space of a typical pegboard by creating a shallow cabinet with two sliding panels on the front. This gives you two layers of pegboard space to mount tools. To reach tools in the back, simply slide the front panels to the left or right. We also include a spot along the bottom of the cabinet to place a long row of hardware storage bins. This woodworking plan appeared in ShopNotes magazine No. 77
Joinery Used
Suggested Power Tools
Lap joints, dadoes, grooves, rabbets
Table saw or router table, drill

What you GetWHAT YOU GET
8 pages of step-by-step instructions
Full-color photos and exploded views
Shop tips & techniques
Cutting diagram
All for only $7.95
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Sliding-Door Pegboard Cabinet Woodworking Plan