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Drill Press Table Woodworking Plan

Drill Press Table & FenceThe table that comes with a drill press is obviously not designed for woodworking. It's too small, hard to clamp to, and it doesn't work well with a fence. This woodworker-friendly table design solves the problem.

The large-size table offers plenty of support for long pieces. It's made up of two layers so it's very rigid. The top layer has a removable center piece. When it gets chewed up with use, you can easily slide it out and insert a new one. You can also make inserts to fit varying sizes of drum sanders. The table also has an adjustable fence. This woodworking plan appeared in ShopNotes magazine No. 38.

Joinery Used
Suggested Power Tools
Mortise & tenon
Table saw, dado blade, router table, drill press

What you GetWHAT YOU GET
4 pages of step-by-step instructions
Full-color photos and exploded views
Shop tips & techniques
Complete materials list
All for only $5.95
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Drill Press Table & Fence Woodworking Plan