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Tilt-Out Panel Cutting Guide Woodworking Plan

Tilt-Out Panel Cutting Guide from woodworking plansAffordable panel cutting guide can be built in one weekend using standard 1x lumber (3/4"-thick softwood). Hardware is available at any hardware store or home center.

Cut 4' x 8' sheet goods horizontally and vertically, and cut smaller sheets as well. The bottom of the guide tilts out when you're using it, and back against the wall when you're not. The finished size of the guide is a little longer and wider than a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood. And it sticks out about 6" from the wall when not in use.

This woodworking plan was originally featured in ShopNotes No. 48.

WHAT YOU GET. PDF The Tilt-Out Panel Cutting Guide plan is a six-page downloadable PDF document. Includes complete instructions, 14 detailed drawings and photographs, and a hardware materials list. The file size is 1.4 MB and will take 3-4 minutes to download at 56k bps.

Tilt-Out Panel Cutting Guide Woodworking Plan