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Wall-Mounted Storage Bins Woodworking Plan

Wall Mounted Storage BinsStorage that moves — that's the idea behind this storage system. Take a bin, hook it into strips mounted to a wall or carry it to your worksite. It couldn't be easier. But how do those bins stay in place?

Take a closer lookThe hanging system is really slick. The bins don't actually hang from the wall. They sit on the rail below them. The rail above the bin simply traps the bin's back to keep it from falling forward. To remove a bin, just lift it slightly forward and pivot the bottom out.

After seeing how many bins this system holds, you may be wondering how to cut all those pieces. The secret is to set up an assembly line to cut all the same size parts at the same time. It's pretty easy, and we show you some techniques and jigs to make it even easier.

In addition to the organized storage, another benefit of the Wall-Mounted Bins is that you can size your system to fit your available wall space. And we've also added some accessories to this system. A portable carrier lets you transport several bins at once. And the carrier itself is stored on the wall system. And there are custom bins to hold rolls of tape and larger bins to store tools.

The Wall-Mounted Storage Bins project was originally published in ShopNotes No. 2.

WHAT YOU GET.PDFThe Wall-Mounted Storage Bins project plan is a six-page, 1.1-megabyte pdf file. It includes step-by-step instructions and 7 detailed drawings, along with a materials list and cutting diagram.

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Wall-Mounted Storage Bins Woodworking Plan